Successfully completed HackTheBox Pro lab Dante. The lab consists of 14 machines and 27 flags. This lab was a good test of material learnt via the HackTheBox academy. Without working through the modules on the academy prior I dont think I could have completed it without a lot of help. The lab covered a bit of everything from Buffer Overflows, Pivoting, Active Directory, Linux, Web Applications, Common exploits and privilege escalation. I would recommend this lab to anyone that has gone through the hackthebox academy and completed around 10 CTFs and also done a bit of Active Directory. The points I got really stuck on were machines that could not be exploited without first getting to other machines. At times I would make good process and capture about 5 or so flags then get stuck and not really know which box would get me further. So it definitely tests your enumeration skills. The lab was smooth and resets completely every 24 hours so its worth choosing a vpn connection that resets the lab when your sleeping so you dont get interrupted mid pwnage. Overall a great experience. It really showed me how far iv come in a year and a half on HTB. I rate it 10/10.