Certified Red Team Professional – CRTP

This course was awesome! I have completed AD labs and rooms in hackthebox and tryhackme but nothing compared to the skills I learnt in this course and lab in terms of abusing actual windows features. The course covered Kerberos at an in depth level for things like forging your own Kerberos tickets, over pass the hash and forging trust tickets to domain hop from child to parent. Abusing windows features like constrained and unconstrained delegation. The persistence was quite terrifying as it highlighted how attackers can gain domain administrator rights without their account being a domain administrator and while being extremely well hidden. If a blue team do not know what they are looking for, I do not see how the attacker would be ever found. The exam was very fair. If you do the course and take good notes and develop a good attack methodology you should have no problems. Everything in the exam is covered in the course. Just make sure you understand how the attacks work as it will help you greatly in the exam. Practice each and every technique and complete all of the challenges at the end and you wont have a problem on the exam. This is a 10/10 course and so cheap for the value contained.